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Australia not actually world’s leading US lackey

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Yesterday I wrote that Australia was second only to Canada sticking up for the USA in the UN. However, I neglected to go through the countries in the middle of the alphabet (as if France or Germany were going to vote more often with the USA??).

But that meant I missed the real leader, and by a long way: Israel. Which should have been obvious, given the point I was making.

I also missed second placed Micronesia, which I am not gong to beat myself up about.

The following chart from the Heritage Foundation is based on the report I was using (click for full size):

Asian Support for the US in the UN (Heritage Foundation)

The Heritage Foundation actually has scanned in a fascinating set of diagrams from their new Key Asian Indicators handbook. Hat tip to Fergus at The Interpreter.

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November 25, 2009 at 3:11 pm

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