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Comparing the Australian and US versions of popular reality TV show ‘Federal Politics’: part II

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9. Joe Lieberman and Stephen Fielding

Both independent senators, both elected because of electoral shenanigans, and both make progressives want to stab themselves in the eye with a stick every time they talk.

I was once watching the (Oz) Senate on A-PAC live when Fielding announced he had decided to vote against an amendment to labour laws (I think it was some union right of entry provisions to prevent sweatshops). The Greens and Labor senators proceeded to give remarkably impassioned and disappointed speeches at how someone could turn against this legislation after sitting on a committee listening to the testimony of the sweatshop workers before the division was called…and while the bells were ringing, Stephen grabbed a mic and asked to speak! He had actually changed his mind inside the chamber and decided to vote for it. So I guess at least he isn’t malicious, just despairingly incompetent.

Joe Lieberman, on the other hand, is an old hack that Democrats will have to continue to appease, despite his apparent betrayal on the healthcare vote, until he is up for re-election in 2012, when he will doubtless retire. Hopefully at that point Kos will organise a fundraiser to have him abducted from his Connecticut mansion, tied down, and buried by a truckload of raw sewage.

[Part I]

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November 26, 2009 at 4:31 pm

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