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Turnbull could hang around – one way or another

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If Joe Hockey really is mad enough to stand up and take the leadership reins now, then it may be Malcolm’s one chance of still being prime minister. Joe was always going to be the ‘leader-after-next’, ie the first one with an actual chance of winning an election. Instead the scenario is now probably this:

  • Hockey and Dutton throw in their lot with Abbott and Michin, all leading the charge into electoral oblivion on climate change
  • Malcolm sits on backbench tapping fingers together
  • Liberal party asks Malcolm to lead again in 4 years time.

Far more likely though:

  • Following electoral devastation in marginal seats, a hardcore conservative group of liberals and nationals remain who would not elect Malcolm in a pink fit

    Malcolm is perfectly aware of this, and a more likely scenario is

    • Malcolm quits and gets some kind of amazing foreign posting from Rudd

      If he does indeed get rolled today, however, he will be full of righteous indignation. I can see a new centre right crossbench party: Turnbull, Hewson, Meg Lees. (Pyne?)

      The Fraser Liberal Party? The ‘Liberal Democrats’ is already taken by that libertarian group.

      Written by Francis

      November 27, 2009 at 11:19 am

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      1. I couldn’t see Turnbull staying around, but certainly a few libs may vote for the CPRS if they thought Abbott was going to get in. Their consciences would be assuaged if they knew Hockey would take over however.

        The big question however is why on earth would Hockey take over on monday? it was a bad deal last week, and still stinks today.

        Andrew Carr

        November 27, 2009 at 2:14 pm

      2. He really does seem to be done for. I would love to see a vote called at 3.45 though… the drama!

        Could imagine Hockey changing his mind over the weekend as the idea sinks in. The left wing of the party is sunk either way, there is a vicious puritan streak appearing in the party grassroots now and it seems to have spooked the senators who rely so heavily on party support to get on the ticket…


        November 27, 2009 at 2:43 pm

      3. […] latest news is that Hockey will in fact challenge, and Malcolm has called a press conference. As I suggested myself on Friday, there is a bit of speculation – Christopher Joye, picked up with relish […]

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