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Australian version of popular reality TV show ‘Federal Politics’ tanks in ratings overseas

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Side note: Don’t miss Antony Green’s rundown of possible election scenarios.

In the breathless, giddy excitement flying around the Oz, Crikey, Twitter, Aunty, SMH and the blogosphere for the last few days, I have been tempted to think that the story might have real implications or at least some resonance in the global debate on climate change. Particularly given that our Prime Minister is on tour talking climate change and appearing with Obama around now.

But it just goes to show what a parochial soap opera politics really is, and what an unusual event Obama’s election was, in terms of a global political obsession. From what I could see of the main news outlets overseas (nytimes, cnn, guardian, the times) and of all the US politics blogs I follow, there is not an iota of coverage. (Admittedly the Beeb has just put up a decent story.)

Coming back down to earth, I suppose it is not such an interesting story without the close-up drama of the characters involved – Malcolm’s courtroom drama style, the Mad Monk, the Sith lord Minchin, and Joe being helplessly dragged into the fight by the scruff of his neck. But it is still a story of a conservative party making the choice between principled bipartisanship or politically calculating obstructionism, so you’d think it holds at least some interest for the US commentary set.

I suppose there’s time yet for the story to break up north. Plenty of material for a longer ‘think piece’ that might be a good read in the Thanksgiving edition of the NY Times, if only they had an Australian correspondent.

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December 1, 2009 at 2:59 pm

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