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Linkage Wednesday

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A few interesting things around the tubes:

  • The Lowy Institute has just published a poll of Chinese attitudes to foreign policy and Australia, which shows some generally unsurprising but at least mostly positive numbers for us
  • The UK Labor government is proposing to hold a referendum on the introduction of preferential voting – currently they just have plurality voting, and preferences would presumably help Labor and the Lib Dems avoid cannibalising each other’s seats. And demonstrate that Australian voting is awesome (?). Now they just need compulsory voting and elections on weekends.
  • Peter Brent has the most sensible and succinct take on the Abbott ascendancy, while Labor has already cut a he’ll-bring-back-workchoices ad, which felt surprisingly effective t0 me in bringing back the ‘those thatcherite bastards’ feelings of 2007
  • Danny Green is definitely not favoured, at $3.15, to beat Roy Jones Jnr ($1.35) tonight, and frankly I don’t think $3.15 on Danny is a great bet, but I might just have a punt on him anyway given that he’s trained at the same place I do

The first post I wrote on this blog last week noted that Australian politics was normally too boring to blog about. Obviously jinxed that one.

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December 2, 2009 at 1:08 pm

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