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Cool links for 2010

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Happy new year! I have one or two ‘decade in review’ posts in mind but for now:

  • From the awesome uses of flash graphics dept, an analysis of letter distributions in various bodies of English – dictionaries, Scrabble games, spoken word, 19th century literature. (Via Applied Statistics, an excellent new blog I just discovered.) The Scrabble distribution has a lot of unusual concentrations around rare letters like X and Q and Z, for obvious reasons, but I thought it was interesting that spoken words seem contain an unusual number of Ts, Ys, Hs, Os and Us. Presumably this could be blamed on the word ‘you’, which is said a lot more than written.
  • Chad Hagen’s Nonsensical Infographics.
  • The Howard Impact, an extract from a new book called ‘How Australia Compares’ by Rodney Tiffin and Ross Gittins, which looks at how Australia’s economic performance stacks up against other developed nations, and makes clear that really Howard’s government was just tracking the international numbers. The book itself sounds pretty interesting – ‘offering comparative data on as many aspects of social life as possible, from taxation to traffic accidents, homicide rates to health expenditure, and international trade to internet usage.’
  • The Dachshund of Time, explaining all the periods of human history. ‘The Olden Days eventually gave way to the Old School, which in a historical context is usually regarded as anytime between the invention of the internal combustion engine and the point at which beating children fell out of favor.’
  • There are about 6.8 billion people alive today, but how many people have been alive in the history of the world? Apparently 106 billion.

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January 5, 2010 at 3:50 pm

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