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Up in the Air: overrated movie of the year

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Stephanie Zacharek pretty much explains what is wrong with Up in the Air in her Salon review, which, to my amazement, got the Golden Globe for best screenplay last night. It amazed me because the problem with the film is the script: self important, overwrought, underedited and bland. Clooney plays a consultant who flies all over America as a hired gun to fire people (a made up job). The problem with the story is that he could be selling pot plants, or credit cards, or even doing insurance assessments like the similar character Edward Norton played in Fight Club, but it would make no difference to the story whatsoever. The movie essentially accessorises the current unemployment crisis to lend ‘meaning’ to a movie about a person who (maybe, but not really) realises he has an absurdly shallow and underdeveloped life philosophy. It takes him the whole movie to do this, whereas Fight Club organised this in the first 20 minutes.

The acting is impeccable from all the leads, but I couldn’t help thinking even Clooney thought some of the lines he was saying were pretty terrible. Vera Farmiga was gorgeous and charming, but even her character turned out to be completely inexplicable and irrelevant.

Things I like much better from the past week:

The Big Lebowski, as written by Shakespeare – brilliant if you are a fan of the movie, and if you are not a fan of the movie, you obviously haven’t seen it yet.

Was Mitchell Johnson’s mother a Cuban agent or a CIA plant? A suitable response to John Passant’s unintentionally hilarious Marxist analysis of the Australian cricket team’s loss in the Ashes.

Blasted spam pigeons!

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January 19, 2010 at 12:46 pm

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