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Wednesday linkage: Wingnut special

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These links posts are my favourite really. Combined with my favourite species of ‘persons in public life’, wingnuts.

– Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s opposition finance spokesman (and reportedly an accountant), when asked where he could find $3.2 billion of spending cuts to balance the budget for the Coalition climate change “policy”, points out that it should be easy to find “3.2” in “$1,400 million” of Labor spending. Would be hilarious if it wasn’t quite so disturbing that apparently none of the journos there called him out on it.

– I often watch the first few minutes of Glenn Beck on Fox News, who appears at 9am in the morning Sydney time, because he is occasionally funny, occasionally reveals a bit of self-awareness, but mostly because he is a terrifying re-incarnation of what I imagine is the paranoid, conspiracy-theory-laden demagoguery of the scariest dictatorships in 20th century history. Arianna Huffington forced him to come into contact with reality to defend his own statements about how the people “in control… are taking you to a place to be slaughtered,” and, referring to the Obama administration, “this plane is coming down, because the pilot is intentionally steering it into the trees”.

Related: 63% (plus 16% not sure) of Republicans think Obama is a socialist, 53% (33%) think Palin is more qualified to be president, 39% (29%) think Obama should be impeached, and 31% (33%) think he is “a racist who hates white people”.

Related: Glenn Beck debuted on the Harris Poll for Favorite TV Personality in second place, behind Oprah but ahead of Jay Leno, Ellen, and House.

Related: Survey of US residents finds Fox News is ‘trusted’ by the largest number of respondents (49%); other news networks polled in the 30s.

Somewhat related: “How to Save the Obama Presidency: Bomb Iran”. (via Wonkette)

– And just to bring it back to Barnaby, the best clip so far from ABC2 News Breakfast (the show that ends just before Glenn Beck), where Virginia Trioli is caught (or is it deliberate?) on camera making the crazy sign after Barnaby has finished a climate change rant

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February 3, 2010 at 4:23 pm

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