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Fwdworthy on Thursday

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Tim Noble and Sue Webster - Metal Fucking RatsBatman to be played by Billy Corgan?

Template trailer for the Oscar-winning cheesy American movie. Also has anyone seen The Blind Side? I keep hearing people say it’s good, which annoys me after seeing the trailer. David Stratten’s review seems to sum up the exact movie I expect to see.

– On right now: the Twitter version of The Empire Strikes Back, The Empire Tweets Back. Related: a review of Return of the Jedi as directed by David Lynch – something that apparently almost really happened. (Another story says that Christopher Walken was Lucas’ original choice to play Han Solo.)

– Incredible shadow art (pictured).

– The excellent news came through last week that The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report are now showing every night on ABC2 from 7.15. I guess I could have watched full episodes on the web any time if I wanted, but I’m quite old-fashioned about wanting to watch TV shows on an actual TV. On Wednesday evening he performed a particularly enjoyable takedown of torture apologist/enthusiast Marc Theissen.

Why Americans are fat, best-chart-ever edition. Unfortunately for the ‘subsidies hypothesis’ of the chart, it doesn’t really explain why Australians are even fatter. But Australians should probably not point that out, because it would be good for our farmers if the US, EU and Japan stopped giving their farmers such huge subsidies. At any rate as a big fan of Michael Pollan I am pretty sure diet is key.

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March 11, 2010 at 5:27 pm

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