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Fwdworthy on Tuesday: end of the elites edition

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Chris Hayes has a vague thesis about the fall from grace of the world’s great institutions in a short but thought-provoking piece, Twilight of the Elites.

In 2008 nearly every single institution was at an all-time low. Banks were trusted by just 32% of the populace, down from more than 50% in 2004. Newspapers were down to 24%, from slightly below 40% at the start of the decade. And Congress was the least trusted institution of all, with only 12% of Americans expressing confidence in it.

– Vanity Fair has a lengthy excerpt from Michael Lewis’ new book, The Big Short, looking at the GFC and the weird crazy guy who first started betting against the delusional masses in Wall Street. Lewis wrote the phenomenal Moneyball and the best article in the aftermath of the GFC, The End of Wall Street’s Boom, which obviously led to the current book.

Stephen Fry goes for the jugular in the i^2 debate on ‘Is the Catholic Church a force for good?’ – with some interesting facts about Thomas More that I was not previously aware of.

– Apparently in 1951 the CIA drove a whole French village horrifyingly bonkers with LSD-spiked bread.

– This guy serenades people on Chat Roulette on the piano. Somehow this is subversive.

– One of the longest running failures of institutions, the US government’s unflinching support of Israel in the Israel-Palestine conflict, may just be showing signs of movement – apparently a military briefing, and not just Israel’s ‘up yours’ settlement announcement, is behind the recent strong condemnations coming from DC.

– Shock of the year: Glenn Beck rehearses crying, is disliked by ‘real’ journalists at Fox News.

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March 16, 2010 at 6:07 pm

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  1. […] The new Michael Lewis book on the financial crisis I mentioned on Tuesday thanks “A.K. Barnett-Hart, a Harvard undergraduate who had just written a thesis […]

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