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Fwdworthy on Friday

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Link goes to drawing tool siteHitler played cricket once, but thought it needed to be made more ‘manly’ by playing without any padding, and replacing the ball with a rock or something. I guess this means that backyard cricket is actually Nazi cricket.

– The extraordinary Flame online drawing tool. My own quick effort produced lots of stylish squiggles and some galaxies, pictured. Some stunning examples – flaming dragons, flowers, etc.

– Matt Yglesias shows off by using nothing more than a Miley Cyrus song to write a rather amusing takedown of some typical right-wing ‘American exceptionalism’ article.

– The new Michael Lewis book on the financial crisis I mentioned on Tuesday thanks “A.K. Barnett-Hart, a Harvard undergraduate who had just written a thesis about the market for subprime mortgage-backed CDOs that remains more interesting than any single piece of Wall Street research on the subject.” This young, apparently genius and rather attractive 24 year old banker is getting a lot of attention for the thesis, which looks at exactly which mortgages caused the meltdown, and what other features were relevant. (Nobody seems to come off well.)

– Do you puke in your mouth a little bit every time you see the Lara Bingle/Michael Clarke story on the news? Then please enjoy Clarke and Dawe in top form.

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March 19, 2010 at 4:08 pm

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