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Do people really know what their blog will be like when they start it? I am not sure, but based on what I already read, and what I wish I was reading, I suspect this blog will be about:

  • US politics, even though god knows there’s enough of that
  • Australian politics, which is often, perhaps fortunately, not really interesting enough to blog about
  • Ideas that I have while washing dishes or riding Iva Davies (which is my electric blue coloured bicycle)
  • Local issues in Sydney, like the horrible fact that there is not a separated bike path for my entire 5-minute journey to work
  • Things I actually know something about (which is not nothing, but generally spread pretty thin)

I know the worst kind of blog is someone simply spewing out their uninformed guesses about important issues, so this blog is going to be TERRIBLE. The things which I am actually qualified to write about are law and technology, and that’s the area I work in as well. But those topics don’t lend themselves to blockbuster blogging, so there’s going to have to be some pretty flaky speculation to keep things interesting.

Obviously since I am writing under my real name it’s not going to get particularly personal either. I probably won’t write about how much I hate my boss. (Which I don’t, hi boss!!). But my aims for this blog are personal: getting back into the ‘writing things down’ game, which has not happened much since university, and actually developing my own ideas about the world. And of course becoming a celebrity blogger, with all the usual accoutrement (groupies, VIP access, an OAM, lateline appearances etc).

I’ll update this again when I know what the blog is about.


Written by Francis

November 23, 2009 at 5:35 am

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